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Landscape Maintenance Plans

We provide a list of landscape maintenance specifications for the service level selected, including a detailed description of landscape maintenance broken down by month. We also provide a site map with a zonal management plan and a schedule for landscaping services. We also maintain service reports, which we provide upon request.

Landscape Maintenance Levels

We have identified levels of maintenance that relate to the general appearance and standard desired for the site, as well as the frequency and maintenance of the operations. We only provide the top 2 levels of service.

  1. Well-Groomed
  2. Groomed

At the lower service levels for landscape management, landscape companies are on call or only meet the minimum standards – we do not offer these services because all of our work must meet DECA’s high standards:

Objective – Main objective is a generally neat, groomed appearance.

Appearance Standard – Plants and lawns are healthy; lawns are kept within in accepted height range weeds and accumulated debris acceptable within limits between regular visits.

Maintenance Practice – Routine maintenance of groomed weekly visits, with regular monitoring to avoid serious deterioration.

Landscape Design and Installation

With our personal service, years of experience, and qualifications, Deca Horticultural Services Ltd. offers expert landscape installation and inspired landscape design.