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Getting your Courtyard Ready for Fall

The cozy, sweater weather and beautiful fall colors are here in British Columbia. As the season transitions, you may be wondering how to best care for your yard. Don’t worry – our Deca Services family is here to help. Fall cleanup is more than just making your yard look nice; it’s crucial for keeping it healthy in the long run.

As summer ends, you’ll notice that various shrubs and plants have branches or stems that got sick or died. The lush growth from summer might have crowded your pathways, with larger plants taking over smaller ones. Also, trees and shrubs are shedding leaves and branches, creating a mess. If you don’t take care of this, it can smother your plants and leave ugly dead spots on your courtyard.


Our Fall Cleanup Services

When we do a fall cleanup in British Columbia, our team uses their know-how to prepare your plants for a successful winter. We carefully remove dead or sick branches, stems, and leaves. This process is similar to thorough pruning, one of four methods we use to ensure your plants are well-prepared for each season. In addition to pruning, we use methods like reducing, thinning, and raising.

Reducing means we trim back any growth that’s blocking paths or taking over unwanted areas. Thinning is about thinning out the branches of the bushiest plants so that more light reaches the core, which helps the rest of the plant grow better. Finally, the raising method focuses on lifting lower stems and branches to a more suitable height. If you have a bamboo plant with leaves and stems spreading everywhere or branches from your tree, making it hard to walk through your yard, this method tidies up the bottom of your plants by raising them.

With our fall cleanup services, your yard will not only look great but also stay healthy through all the seasons.


Fall Cleanup: Your Garden’s Best Friend

Fall is a crucial time for your garden in British Columbia, and our fall cleanup services are here to ensure your garden thrives in the coming seasons. We focus on the essential tasks that prepare your plants for the next growing period.

During our fall cleanup, we’ll carefully trim plants that need rejuvenation, eliminate weeds, remove dead plants, and clear away fallen leaves. Additionally, we can revitalize your soil, enhancing its ability to absorb nutrients and water, essential for the chilly months ahead.

A fantastic addition to your fall garden care routine in British Columbia is a bark mulch installation. While spring is commonly associated with mulching, fall offers unique advantages. Bark mulch acts as a protective layer for your soil and plant roots, shielding them from frost damage. It also helps retain moisture, a crucial benefit in colder regions. Moreover, it provides your garden with a fresh, visually appealing look, brightening up your space during the chilly days in British Columbia.


Why Include Fertilizer and Lime?

As fall sets in, the growth of your grass slows down in British Columbia. It may struggle to retain nutrients, or the soil’s pH level might become too acidic. This is the ideal time to introduce simple yet effective solutions as part of your fall cleanup.

We recommend considering the lime and fertilizer treatment to prepare your courtyard. While applying it every six weeks throughout the year is optimal for a healthy courtyard in British Columbia, even a single treatment per season can make a significant difference.

Our lime treatment corrects acidic courtyards, adjusting the pH level to the optimal range for nutrient absorption. When combined with fertilizer, it ensures your courtyard stays healthy and vibrant. Later in the fall, aeration can further enhance the soil’s health. Our experts are trained to provide a comprehensive fall cleanup, offering tailored solutions to keep your garden thriving.

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Leaf Cleanup: Your Essential Fall Task

Fall cleanup often includes the most tedious yet vital chore: leaf cleanup. This task is especially significant in leafy British Columbia, where trees are abundant. Keeping your pathways clear and preventing clogged street gutters is not only courteous but also essential.In heavily treed areas, leaf fall can last for months. Our dedicated Deca team offers weekly cleanups to minimize costs and ensure safe, clear pathways for everyone. You can even discuss customizing your services with your franchisee, whether you prefer regular pathway maintenance or a comprehensive end-of-season cleanup.

For lighter leaf falls, we offer mulching services, enriching your courtyard with valuable nutrients. When dealing with larger leaf accumulations, we’ll efficiently remove them for you. In British Columbia, our Deca team ensures your specific needs are met, whether you seek perfection or simply want the job done.

Handling Wind and Storm Damage

In British Columbia, fall storms can bring strong winds that sometimes lead to damage. Massive branches and debris can fall from trees during these weather events. When this happens, don’t worry. Just reach out to us at Deca, and we’ll promptly remove the storm-induced debris. Our storm cleanup service extends even into the winter months, so keep us in mind for any unfortunate incidents.

Tidying up your yard can be a time-consuming task, especially as the colder months approach in British Columbia. Spending extensive time outdoors might not be on your priority list. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be! Contact us at Deca to schedule a free fall cleanup quote, and we’ll handle the work for you, providing peace of mind and a beautifully maintained yard.

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