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Hedge Trimming: Keep Those Hedges Happy and Healthy in BC

You know what’s awesome in British Columbia? Hedges. They’re like nature’s privacy fences, adding a touch of beauty to your yard. Whether you’re spicing up your outdoor space or giving it a makeover, hedges are like the icing on the cake, making your place look classy and boosting its value. But, let’s be real, they can be a handful to look after.

You see, forget hedges for just a couple of years, and they’ll go from lush to lackluster real quick. Diseases might sneak in, shady spots can turn deadly, and those once-green guardians can go all yellow and wonky. In some cases, they go all-out wild, making you wonder if it’s a hedge or a jungle.

That’s where the magic of hedge trimming comes in. Think of it like giving your hedges a spa day once or twice a year. You can roll up your sleeves and do it yourself, or you can let our friendly Deca Experts team handle it for you.


Why is a spring cleanup for my yard a big deal?

First, let’s talk about those non-flowering hedges, like Laurel and Cedar Hedges. They’re the green giants that offer some serious privacy. Now, these fellas like to grow, and they like to grow fast, especially with all that British Columbia rain. So, you’ll want to trim them more often, probably at least twice a year, especially if you’re in British Columbia. Trust us; once they lose their shape, it’s like wrestling a hedge octopus to get it back.

But if you’ve got flowering hedges, it’s a different game. You’ll need to time your trim according to when they bloom. Spring bloomers should wait until they’ve finished the floral show. For summer bloomers, trim after their performance in the fall or as the spring season kicks off. Just don’t snip those buds away.

Hedge Trimming – Tips and Tricks


If you’re thinking of trying hedge trimming yourself, remember safety comes first. So, keep a first-aid kit close, and always protect yourself. And it’s a good idea to have a helping hand nearby, just in case things get a little wild.

Here’s a trick: put a big sheet under the hedge to catch the clippings. It makes cleaning up super easy, and you can put the clippings in your compost bin.

Now, here’s a cool tip– start from the bottom and move your hedge trimmer upwards, making thinner passes as you go. Let the trimmer blades do the cutting; don’t push too hard. Take it slow, and don’t cut too deep at first. You can always cut more later.


After each pass, use your hand or a rake to brush off the leftover debris. This not only helps identify areas that may have been missed but also prevents dead branches from being forgotten in your hedge, which can lead to dead spots later.

Trimming the tops can be a bit tricky, especially for tall hedges. For smaller hedges, you can use smaller trimmers, but for big ones, it’s best to call in the experts. They’ll know how to do it just right without harming your hedge.

So there you have it – hedge trimming made easy. If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, contact your local Deca franchisee. We’ve got the tools, skills, and time to make your hedges look fantastic!

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Let's Shed Some Light pot on This!

Keeping the top of your hedge a bit thinner helps more light reach all parts of the hedge. In British Columbia, clouds can block sunlight, so thinner tops help the hedge grow better. Even if you want a straight hedge, it’s still good to have a slightly thinner top.

Here’s another tip: hand pruning. Use special scissors to make small spaces in the hedge. Without this, the outside gets too thick, and the inside can turn brown and die. This happens a lot in British Columbia. In really bad cases, you might need to remove some of the thickest stems at the bottom, but it’s best to leave that to the experts.

Trimming hedges can be relaxing, but you’ll need the right tools, be careful, and have plenty of time and energy. Regular trimming keeps your hedges healthy and looking good. It also makes your property worth more and gives you a nice garden to enjoy.

We understand that life can get busy. That’s why we’re here to help make your outdoors look great. We have the best tools and know-how. Just call your local Deca franchisee, and we’ll be happy to give you tips or a free quote for hedge trimming or any other garden needs.

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