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Elevate Your Landscape

Elevate Your Landscape in British Columbia!

British Columbia’s natural beauty, from its majestic mountains to stunning beaches and lush forests, offers breathtaking scenery everywhere you turn. So, why not transform your home into a visual masterpiece as well?

A touch of landscaping design and labor can make a world of difference. Our dedicated Deca team right here in British Columbia is well-versed in hardscaping, landscape design, and landscape installation. Whether you need deck removal, repair, or reconstruction, want garden retaining walls or borders, dream of river rock and bark mulch installations, or aspire to plant trees and other greenery, we’re here to turn your yard into your dream outdoor space!

Landscape Design that Inspires

Landscape Design that Inspires

In British Columbia, our Deca experts are equipped with a versatile skill set and backed by decades of experience. Designing and enhancing your garden and yard may seem daunting if you’re not an expert, but our team is brimming with creative ideas to spark your imagination. You might be surprised by how delightful your patio becomes with a new awning or how a cedar hedge wall can offer both privacy and aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for a complete yard makeover or just a charming garden retaining wall to separate your lawn and garden, we are committed to creating your picture-perfect outdoor space!

Lawn Solutions for Your Landscape

Lawn Solutions for Your Landscape

Whether your courtyard is suffering from severe chafer beetle damage or you simply crave a fresh, lush lawn, Deca is your go-to partner for all things landscaping repairs, revitalization, or installation! Here in British Columbia, fescue has earned a reputation as the top choice for fighting off chafer beetles. Our skilled Deca team can assist you in selecting and installing the ideal turf for your yard, be it chafer-resistant fescue, the reliable perennial ryegrass, or a combination of both. We offer various rejuvenation options to cater to all your lawn care needs.

Building and Repair

When it comes to fence construction or repairs, building new decks, planters, or awnings, Deca has you covered. Perhaps you don’t require an entirely new fence? Our experienced Deca team specializes in a wide range of landscaping installations, constructions, and repairs. We’re ready to visit your property, assess your requirements, and provide you with a free estimate and no-obligation consultation. Feel free to reach out to your local Deca expert in British Columbia to receive a complimentary quote for any building and repair projects in your home garden.

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Deca Horticultural

Landscaping and Plantpot /Tree Installation

Deca has a wealth of experience helping residents in British Columbia with the installation of their desired plants, trees, shrubs, and hedges. Whether you’re interested in cedar and laurel hedges, rhododendrons, sarcococca, photinia, forsythia, and more, we are familiar with the region and can provide recommendations to complement your garden beautifully.

Landscaping and Irrigation

Within our Deca brand, we have experts for every landscaping need. If you’re looking to enhance your garden’s water supply with new irrigation, get in touch with us. Our British Columbia-based experts have the skills to design and install the perfect irrigation system customized for your garden and lawn. We also have specialists in small rock ponds and waterfalls. Feel free to ask about any landscaping design, installation, or hardscaping requirements!

Landscaping and Lights

Whether it’s patio lights or accent lights that illuminate your garden beds, plants, shrubs, and trees, strategically placed lighting can make your yard come to life at night. Our franchisees have the experience to professionally install garden lights, allowing you to highlight the best features of your garden. With your new lights, you might even catch a glimpse of the stunning British Columbia wildlife that roams through your yard.

And More!

When it comes to landscaping, your creativity knows no bounds. There are numerous ways to enhance your home garden and yard, whether it’s for practical purposes like building a greenhouse or purely for aesthetic appeal. With a vast network of experts across British Columbia, we have the collective knowledge to inspire and design your dream home and garden. Don’t hesitate to contact your local Deca professional in British Columbia for a free quote on landscaping design and hardscaping.

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